Flights to San Jacinto, CA: Explore California's Historic City

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Your airborne journey to San Jacinto starts by touching down at Palm Springs International Airport (PSP), a breezy 46 miles away. The airport is abuzz with airlines like American, Delta, and United Airlines, to name a few. They're just itching to serve you up the tastiest round-trip flights and direct flights faster than a cabin crew can dish out complimentary peanuts!

If you enjoy a scenic journey, consider Ontario International Airport (ONT), about 53 miles away. This bustling hub is home to more airlines than you can shake a boarding pass at! Airlines such as Southwest, Delta, and American are poised to offer you flights to San Jacinto and flights from San Jacinto, promising the lowest airfare and plenty of airline tickets to go around.

Fear not, dear explorer, because we're not stopping at the runway! Once you've landed in San Jacinto, you'll be delighted to find a myriad of transportation options. Hop on Riverside Transit Agency's Bus Route 32 to get from Ontario International to the heart of San Jacinto, or hail a taxi for a more personalized ride.

The journey begins

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